Dude Dorm - All Access
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This site is in no was affiliated with Dude Dorm, its creators, members, or webmaster. This site only provides images and videos already shown on screen which are available to the world. People are able to freely capture these images, save them, and distribute them over the internet. Anyone caught on cam has made the choice to show themselves to millions of people before hand and have committed to the fact that these images will be captured and shown elsewhere than the official site. We reserve the right to hold these images and have galleries just as Dude Dorm.com has their own. If in any way this site breaks the law, contact the webmaster at dudedorm@fr.st with the problem. If any members of the official Dude Dorm would like this site shut down, simply write your request to the address stated and the site will promptly be shut down. No images are allowed to be saved from this site in respect of the people shown on them. If in any way images are removed from this site we are no longer responsible for them and their whereabouts is up to the person who has taken them.

Members Listed and Pictured are subject to change at any time.